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Accidental (Jul 2016)

20160713_100552 (2)
Accidental By victoriadeyemi
Initially being 21 did not feel that much different from being 20. My thinking was; It is not really change if the same things keep happening but in a different way.


Tired birds singing tired songs.
Singing the same song, centuries past.
Future to come.

Are you not exhausted by repetitive things?
LIAR! in swift denial, gently coaxed by…

wandering voices; near and far.

Liar and thief: victims and oppressors.

Trapped in an endless dance, a vicious cycle.
Quick to condemn.
Slow to change.
In swift denial, gently coaxed by wandering voices.

Tales from the Children of the Light (I lost my way) Sept 2015

I lost my way
I lost my way
I lost my way is the second chalk piece I’ve done in France and the third time I have ever used chalk on black paper. The colours and the movement were inspired by a piece I heard in a concerto. I’m sure the man said it was Handel, but it sounded a lot like Mozart.

I am Human.

Born strong of pain and strive.
I wander the earth searching, wanting.
My wants are an endless list. A bottomless pit.
And the list isn’t entirely mine because most of it was imposed on me. I did not know how to say no,
because it was supposed to be for my own good.
I did not know how escape it,
because there was no where to go,
and everybody else was running in the wrong direction.
So the things I possessed started to own me too.
And as time went on my aspirations and ambitions started to control me.
Now, I no longer know what is originally mine.
However I can’t help but think… if everything I wanted and strived for made me who I am today,
then I am probably not who I am supposed to be.

The Dancing Woman (Results Day) Aug 2013

The Dancing Woman Results day By Victoriadeyemi
The Dancing Woman (Results day) By Victoriadeyemi

The Fifth sketch in the Black Sketchbook was inspired by results day. I was frightened I think I nearly had a heart attack when I found out that I didn’t make the A* AA grade required by my first choice university. I was not shocked or upset because I saw this coming; there was no way that my French exam was an A. And halfway through the exam period, I changed my mind about my first choice university; it no longer appealed to me. I think was more distraught by the ‘what now?’ question staring intently into my eyes and breathing on my face. It was suffocating. For once I did not have a plan, I was going to end up wherever the wind took me and that freaked me out. I knew only 3 things in that moment, “I do not want to go to a University in London”, “I want to go to a university that has a study abroad programme” and “Law is the only course that could ever make me happy”.

I was fortunate and everything worked out in my favour on the same day. I could breathe and my breath in that moment felt like a dance. The Dancing Woman is one of my favourite pieces because she is the embodiment of how I felt throughout the latter part of result’s day. Everything, from the movement of her legs down to the flounce of her dress accurately portrays the lightness I felt in that moment. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion, it was surreal. I remember thinking “getting something that you desperately want has the strangest effect”. Every time I look at her, I remember that slow motion feeling to the point where she almost looks like she is dancing in slow motion. I think it would have been brilliant if I had sketched something when I found out that I did not make the required grades, that way I would have a perfect record of the whole day.

 To anyone who recently obtained their A Level results, if things did not go as planned don’t fret. Sometimes not having a plan works out better.