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Yellow And Green: To X and others (Sept 2016)


Tim Yellow and Green
Yellow and Green By Victoriadeyemi. Dedicated to
Chalk and Acrylic.

Dedicated to X

Yellow and Green

Yellow and green like the natural valley underneath your sternum.
Yellow and green because I wear my heart on my sleeve.
Yellow and green like growth and mutual reliance.
Yellow and green because I have trusted you with so much and yet so little.
Yellow and green like when the hills kiss the sun.
Yellow and green because this ultimately came, without much thought or inquiry.

Dedicated to the people who happened into my life but managed to stay in.

Interpersonal relationships: Being in charge but also leaving enough room for the unknown.

An interpersonal relationship may sometimes seem overly centered around trying to make things work. The level of difficulty of this is often dependent on one’s ability to tolerate and willingness to understand. Although it is almost common knowledge that you cannot pick your family but you can pick your friends, some friends happen to you; like family or an unforeseen event. Sometimes they are disastrous, even catastrophic. Other times a wonderful surprise. You end up going through or coming out of it with thoughts like -what just happened?

For the most part of life we are not given a choice with regards to a majority of the stuff that happens to us. For instance: how we were born, the people we were born to, the struggles we were born to deal with or other circumstances we found ourselves in.

We may not really have a say when it comes to the people that happen into our lives, the ones we fall in love with, the ones that hurt us, the ones that we have to work with or those who become family along the line. However, we do have a great amount of discretion when it comes to deciding who stays in. We just need to be wise with how we use this choice.


Tales from the Children of the Light (I lost my way) Sept 2015

I lost my way
I lost my way
I lost my way is the second chalk piece I’ve done in France and the third time I have ever used chalk on black paper. The colours and the movement were inspired by a piece I heard in a concerto. I’m sure the man said it was Handel, but it sounded a lot like Mozart.

I am Human.

Born strong of pain and strive
I wander the earth searching, wanting.
My wants are an endless list. A bottomless pit.
And the list isn’t entirely mine because most of it was imposed on me. I did not know how to say no,
because it was supposed to be for my own good.
I did not know how escape it,
because there was no where to go,
and everybody else was running in the wrong direction.
So the things I possessed started to own me too.
And as time went on my aspirations and ambitions started to control me .
Now I no longer know whats mine.
However I can’t help but think… if everything I wanted and strived for made me who I am today,
then I am probably not who I thought I was.

Tales from the Children of the Light (Fear)


Fear is the second time I have ever used chalk on black paper. Tales from the Children of the Light is a series, inspired by the many interesting random strangers I met over summer and how they made me think. But I couldn’t get around to doing this until now because (I guess) writing in France is a lot easier, I usually come up with this stuff at the oddest times (like I came up with Fear at church and the next one at a concerto). Enjoy.


I think I was afraid…
I was afraid of love and honesty,
because they seemed unattainable.
I was afraid of hatred and deception,
because they could carve out eternal wounds.
I was afraid of seeking perfection because it did not seem to exist.
I was afraid of imperfection because it was not worthy of me.

I think I was afraid of tears because they were worthless.
But I was also scared of not being able to cry because it was an indication that I had become emotionless.
I think I was afraid of the dark because it was seemingly safe. But it lied to me and blinded me. I could not see.
I was afraid of the light because although it trusted me to be able to bear the truth, it revealed so much. And in an instant, I could see everything.

I think above all I was afraid of my fears, they were illogically logical, and they had the power to control and to cripple me.

But only if I let them.