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When It Rains. (Dec 2016)

When It Rains Victoriadeyemi
When it rains.wordpress-when-it-rains

Where does real strength come from?

The painting was inspired by my peaceful state of mind, I used mostly pastel colours, which is a first for me. I was mainly thinking about what it really meant to be strong. Drawing from my experiences, I think that true strength is accepting the people that genuinely want to help us. True strength is having the humility to believe and the willingness to grow. True strength is holding a mirror to our image every now and then.

I think it is wrong when people say ‘true strength comes from within’. It is implausible to suggest that the origin of strength is ‘within’ when strength is not an intrinsic value. Strength does not come from ‘within’ it is just formed there. When we are born, we are born weak, vulnerable and dependent. We have our individual characteristics that make us different and react in different ways to certain situations. However, it is our experiences that form and develop us; our experiences trigger the fight or flight notion in our minds. Our experiences may be caused by the natural order of things, they may be self-inflicted or caused by others. But we can only develop strength when we make the most out of our experiences by appreciating them for what they have to teach us and appreciating the available help. We can only develop strength when we stop indulging in isolated thinking and self-pity.




Let It Go. (June 2016 )

Let it go by victoriadeyemi june 2016

I think June 2016 so far has been the craziest month, I moved my entire life back to the UK and the UK decided (against my will) that it wanted to leave the EU. June required a lot of adjustment. Life will carry on, maybe not as usual but it wou.

Let it go is mainly about the act of forgiveness; a topic I was sort of exploring right before I left France. I guess it followed me to England and inspired its own post.

Let it go.
The shadows from our past may haunt us, deeply rooted in our veins; they use unforgiveness as nourishment.
The most fertile soil for such a thing.
It’s vines are like puppet strings.
It sprouts teeth not flowers.
Baring down, they sink in and steal.

However, God has called us to be free, not chained by these things.

Who knows?
Maybe such events needed to have exsisted?
Maybe this was the thing that made you who you are today.

Tales From the Children of the Light (Deception) Aug2015

Deception (2) victoriadeyemi
Deception (2) victoriadeyemi

Deception was made with acrylic paint, but I used poster colour as the base for just her skin. Everything from her wide set eyes to the colours and the positioning of the flowers were carefully thought out because it was all supposed to be symbolic. Which is very uncharacteristic of me, I usually go with the flow.

On the horizon he created the…
morning stars.
Light came and darkness did not understand it. It fled.
We knew, we told ourselves that we knew but we didn’t, because although we knew, we did not understand.
And when we saw the stars and were fearful, we said we knew but we did not because we did not understand.
Without understanding we couldn’t see and there was more darkness. Thus in the confusion we were weak and sinned and we started to know less but were adamant that we knew.
We took the darkness and shrouded ourselves in it. But the darkness took so much from us; including our sight. And then we became afraid.
We called upon his name and though he was angry and could not look at us, he wrought for his name’s sake.
So that we may know that He Is GOD.
As soon as he showed us the light, we were delighted and could say with certainty that we knew.
But as it was handed to us we took the light in one hand and stroked the warm, comforting and familiar surface of darkness with another.
And we said now we know but we need to say one last goodbye to this thing that mercilessly hurt us. We made excuses to be near it again, because it confused and intrigued us.
Again we fell and darkness covered us and gross darkness covered our eyes and made our bones weak; It continued to steal from us.
But it couldn’t steal our lives, because of his grace and because of his name, because nothing would happened until he agreed to it.
In the end we said we were still alive because we knew.
we did not know, we don’t know, we don’t understand.

Tales from the Children of the Light (Wild Things) Oct 2015

Wild things victoriadeyemi
Wild things victoriadeyemi

Wild Things is the first time I have used paint on canvas since summer. I find acrylic paint a lot harder to use than chalk and even oil paints; because it isn’t as obedient or flexible. But only acrylic paint could translate into this on canvas and the more I use it, the more I find new ways to deal with it. I think the beauty of this piece are her eyes, I think they are powerful and defiant but also dead. They are capable of telling the whole story.

Time and time again, I have told myself that…
I am a wild thing.

I will never be tamed.
I never want to be caged.

Wild things cannot be contained because they will eventually venture out.
Wild things cannot be owned because they have no regard for authority.
Their spirit remains uncrushed, defiant.
And you can see it in their eyes that they hate you.

Wild things can be loved.
But you shouldn’t ever love a wild thing.
It would shatter your heart and leave with half of the pieces.

However, no one obeys this solid rule.
They are continually disappointed when they find out that I slipped out through their fingers yet again .

And I, hurt because I never remember that it is in man’s nature to want to own wild things. Especially when he loved it.

So, in trying to avoid being hurt or caged, I created my own impenetrable fortress.
Wherein I was a merciless master, a ruthless warden and an obedient prisoner.
There was no escape, no matter where I went, I kept running into myself.