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Tales from the Children of the Light (Fear)


Fear is the second time I have ever used chalk on black paper. Tales from the Children of the Light is a series, inspired by the many interesting random strangers I met over summer and how they made me think. But I couldn’t get around to doing this until now because (I guess) writing in France is a lot easier, I usually come up with this stuff at the oddest times (like I came up with Fear at church and the next one at a concerto). Enjoy.


I think I was afraid…
I was afraid of love and honesty,
because they seemed unattainable.
I was afraid of hatred and deception,
because they could carve out eternal wounds.
I was afraid of seeking perfection because it did not seem to exist.
I was afraid of imperfection because it was not worthy of me.

I think I was afraid of tears because they were worthless.
But I was also scared of not being able to cry because it was an indication that I had become emotionless.
I think I was afraid of the dark because it was seemingly safe. But it lied to me and blinded me. I could not see.
I was afraid of the light because although it trusted me to be able to bear the truth, it revealed so much. And in an instant, I could see everything.

I think above all I was afraid of my fears, they were illogically logical, and they had the power to control and to cripple me.

But only if I let them.


Runaway (Sept 2012)

Runaway By Victoriadeyemi
Runaway By Victoriadeyemi

I got bored of doing things chronologically; in accordance with the lay out of the Black Sketchbook. So I decided to delve further into the past. Runaway is not a member of the Black Sketchbook. No, it is a member of the White Sketchbook. The White Sketchbook was my first ever sketchbook, it was a gift from my Father and it has approximately 30 un-used pages remaining in it. I seldom use it, not because I don’t love it but because it is an A5 Sketchbook and does not allow enough room for expression.

I have also decided to take a different approach on my presentation of the pieces from the White Sketchbook. Therefore I will not be saying anything about what motivated Runaway or how I feel about it. However I will leave a little caption below; (thumbs up to anyone who gets the caption’s reference)

If I could run away,

to the shores of freedom.

Where no one lives.