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Accidental (Jul 2016)

20160713_100552 (2)
Accidental By victoriadeyemi
Initially being 21 did not feel that much different from being 20. My thinking was; It is not really change if the same things keep happening but in a different way.


Tired birds singing tired songs.
Singing the same song, centuries past.
Future to come.

Are you not exhausted by repetitive things?
LIAR! in swift denial, gently coaxed by…

wandering voices; near and far.

Liar and thief: victims and oppressors.

Trapped in an endless dance, a vicious cycle.
Quick to condemn.
Slow to change.
In swift denial, gently coaxed by wandering voices.


Tales From the Children of the Light (Deception) Aug2015

Deception (2) victoriadeyemi
Deception (2) victoriadeyemi

Deception was made with acrylic paint, but I used poster colour as the base for just her skin. Everything from her wide set eyes to the colours and the positioning of the flowers were carefully thought out because it was all supposed to be symbolic. Which is very uncharacteristic of me, I usually go with the flow.

On the horizon he created the…
morning stars.
Light came and darkness did not understand it. It fled.
We knew, we told ourselves that we knew but we didn’t, because although we knew, we did not understand.
And when we saw the stars and were fearful, we said we knew but we did not because we did not understand.
Without understanding we couldn’t see and there was more darkness. Thus in the confusion we were weak and sinned and we started to know less but were adamant that we knew.
We took the darkness and shrouded ourselves in it. But the darkness took so much from us; including our sight. And then we became afraid.
We called upon his name and though he was angry and could not look at us, he wrought for his name’s sake.
So that we may know that He Is GOD.
As soon as he showed us the light, we were delighted and could say with certainty that we knew.
But as it was handed to us we took the light in one hand and stroked the warm, comforting and familiar surface of darkness with another.
And we said now we know but we need to say one last goodbye to this thing that mercilessly hurt us. We made excuses to be near it again, because it confused and intrigued us.
Again we fell and darkness covered us and gross darkness covered our eyes and made our bones weak; It continued to steal from us.
But it couldn’t steal our lives, because of his grace and because of his name, because nothing would happened until he agreed to it.
In the end we said we were still alive because we knew.
we did not know, we don’t know, we don’t understand.

Who am I? (2012)

Who am I ? by victoriadeyemi
Who am I ? by victoriadeyemi

Who am I? is the Second piece from the White Sketch book, as it is from the White sketchbook, I will not be saying anything about what inspired it or my analysis of it.

As the hot perils wash over and the veils of vanity that once blinded me subside I learn that …

Only you can determine what is yours.

But you shouldn’t ever fight over something that isn’t rightfully yours.

Put an end to all form of unwarranted belligerence and…                                                      Everything will be alright.

Never despise who you are, or  the days of your small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10); partly because those are the days that formed you, they determine who you are and what you could possibly be.

Now then, ask yourself this.