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All My Friends Are Turning Green (May 2016)

All My Friends Are Turning
All My Friends Are Turning Green by Victoriadeyemi. 

All My Friends Are Turning Green 

Hear the words of an artificial introvert.
One who felt too guilty to be rightfully happy, who instinctively took on the burdens and sorrows of others’ misery.

Hear the words of one natural critic.
At the birth of an opprobrium.
One who dealt too harshly with herself.

Hear the words of the one, who constantly battled with the idea of freedom and the premise behind escape.

One who fought himself every midnight, frantically chasing himself in the desert. This is actually hilarious, because it is impossible to escape from one’s self.

It is sometimes easier to shut yourself out, to become closed off, detached, uncaring. But you shouldn’t; the world is just too interesting and intriguing to do that.

Testing. (Mar 2016)

Testing by victoriadeyemi.

Colouring pencils, metaphors and lack of sleep.

I wish I could come up with a better name. But only this made sense.


If eyes are the windows to the soul, we should be able to see tales in peoples’ eyes. What then should be assumed of people whose eyes say nothing?

Is  “genuineness” the defining factor in the difference between real helpers and people-pleasers?
I presume the right answers can be found when you search each heart. But no one is willing to because sometimes we find the ugliest things buried deep.

True treachery lives deep inside the heart of men. And it is the sole creator of chains that bind.

Part 2
What should you do when the precious things that surround you become an actual ring of fire?
Rapidly closing in on you.
Sometimes, it is a lot easier to set yourself ablaze than to put out the flames.

Especially when you only have your hands.

Once, I hastily tried to put out the scorching flames with nothing but my hands. Even as the fire roasted my flesh, It took me a while to realise that there was sand underneath my feet.

Cool sand.

Sand that I could have easily kicked over the fire.

The Thoughts That Rocked Our 20’s. (Mar 2016)

Word press the thoughts that...
Only My Winnings By victoriadeyemi

Shout-out to the friend who lent me his colouring pencils.

The Thoughts That Rocked Our 20’s.

An inexplicably strange time. I have never been as precarious as I am now. I am unsettled, charitable yet unforgiving, fast and slow.
My life feels like a paradox.
I am a walking contradiction.

I am growing and shrinking at the same time.

I am cautious and reckless.
And it is wild.

My heart clings to the present.
With each hand I hold on to both the past and the future.
One more loosely than the other.

Don’t you dare unnecessarily challenge me.  I will call you out and will probably completely disgrace your pride in the process.

Right after I panic and (maybe) cry.

But its all fine because through God,
I can make things happen.
Even seemingly impossible things.

Chaos (Aug 2013)

Chaos 2013 By Victoriadeyemi
Chaos By Victoriadeyemi

The Sixth piece from the Black Sketchbook was the first of its kind, simply because it is a colour pencil sketch. Chaos is unexplainable.  It was August 2013 and my nuclear family lost an important asset it was not too bad; Mother said that it was going to be okay. I believed her but I knew that the ‘okay’ period would only come in the long run. It dawned on me that I needed a summer Job to get the things that I wanted, and I totally got one. Working at M restaurant was a life changing experience, it was my first summer job and I loved and hated it. I loved it because I loved earning my own money; it was liberating. I loved meeting new people; because it helped me develop a new outlook towards life, and I was content with my work colleagues. But I hated the job and I knew, without doubt that I hated it more than I loved it.

Similarly to Champagne and Canapés (2), drawing Chaos gave my subconscious a lot of discretion. Therefore it is uneasy to pinpoint what inspired it. However, I do remember that she started off as someone staring at her reflection in the mirror and after a few shifts at work, she became two different women, and the bags underneath her eyes became darker and more profound. And she suddenly developed holes in her dress and her companion developed a deep cut in her back. Chaos could either be the product of the loss of the asset or the unfulfilling summer job which I definitely hated more than I loved. She could either be the creation of an unpredicted chaotic event or a roll of continuous chaotic events. In any case, she is the reflection of the helplessness and dejection I felt at the time. It is weird how different this is from the last piece which was drawn in the same month. The Dancing woman (5) reminds me more of a light happy feeling, whilst this is heavy and melancholic. August (2013) was a weird month.