What do you know?(Jan 2016)

Wordpress what do you know
What do you know? by victoriadeyemi

I don’t subscribe to the ‘new year new me’ way of thinking, I haven’t for a while. Simply because every new day is an opportunity to change oneself. you shouldn’t wait for the problems to pile up into a complicated mess.  Lesson 1, 2016: Be humble.

What do you know?
Are you honest?
Have you ever possessed power of any sort that you did not abuse? even a little?
Have you ever been honest with yourself?
Have you ever existed in complete autarky? How many civilisations have you seen…lived?
You lived in your era and proclaimed that you were the most renown sophist of the century. You insult yourself by exposing the true vastness of your lack of insight.

You may have owned the generation, but have you lived a millennium?  A billion years? More?
Are you life?
Have you held time in its entirety?
Are you as swift and fair in judgement as time?
Do you know where the secret things hide themselves?
Can you force the sun to stay up against its will?
Can you bring mountains to their knees? Boil an entire ocean?

What do you know?
What are you? but an incandescent glow.
Dimming lights of a former inferno.
Embers of a forgotten flame.
Are you being honest with yourself right now?
What do you know?


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