Tales from the Children of the Light (I lost my way) Sept 2015

I lost my way
I lost my way
I lost my way is the second chalk piece I’ve done in France and the third time I have ever used chalk on black paper. The colours and the movement were inspired by a piece I heard in a concerto. I’m sure the man said it was Handel, but it sounded a lot like Mozart.

I am Human.

Born strong of pain and strive.
I wander the earth searching, wanting.
My wants are an endless list. A bottomless pit.
And the list isn’t entirely mine because most of it was imposed on me. I did not know how to say no,
because it was supposed to be for my own good.
I did not know how escape it,
because there was no where to go,
and everybody else was running in the wrong direction.
So the things I possessed started to own me too.
And as time went on my aspirations and ambitions started to control me.
Now, I no longer know what is originally mine.
However I can’t help but think… if everything I wanted and strived for made me who I am today,
then I am probably not who I am supposed to be.

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