The Afro (Jul 2013)

The Afro by victoriadeyemi

This is the fourth piece from the Black Sketchbook. During the summer of 2013 my older sister S went all out with her afro. Watching her influenced me to the point where I ended up drawing this. The Afro is not something that I can easily pull off because my hair seems to have a mind of its own; it does whatever it wants and requires a lot of care invested in it for it to look its best. Unfortunately, I am naturally impatient and carefree when it comes to beauty and hair care. However, when I am bothered, I do try to play around with my hair, it is a lot like this except bigger, livelier and wilder. Having my hair out in an afro inspires freedom and exuberance within me. I love it.

I like her a lot, she is pretty and through the gleam in her eyes I can recognize the feeling of freedom, excitement and wildness that I feel when my hair is in an afro. But she is very unlike me in fact she is more like my sister S; She seems posed and fashion orientated. I like it when my drawings have personalities of their own because it gives off the same feeling of interest I get when I meet a person for the first time.


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